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Medhat El Adl Celebrates the Release of His Anthology of Poetry Shubra Masr with Nahdet Misr Publishing Group

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Dedicated to his Late Brother Sami El Adl

Medhat El Adl Celebrates the Release of His Anthology of Poetry Shubra Masr with Nahdet Misr Publishing Group

At an event attended by numerous public figures, writers, artists, and the press, poet and writer Medhat El Adl celebrated last Friday, Friday, the release of his new anthology of poetry Shubra Masr- 36 Al Afdal St. with Nahdet Misr Publishing Group at El Hangar Theatre of the Cairo Opera House. Medhat El Adl has dedicated his new anthology of poetry to his late brother, Sami El Adl, who has a poem entitled with his name.

The book signing event was attended by; stars Yousra, NabilaEbeid, FardousAbdel Hamid, Zeina, Hala Sedqi, Safaa Al Toukhy and Ramzy El Adl; directors Khairy Beshara, Khaled Youssef, Khlaed Galal, Hani Khalifa, and Ashraf Fayek; producers Gamal El Adl, Mohamed El Adl, and Hany Mahrous; poet Gamal Bekheet; composers Hany Shenouda and Amr Moustafa; star Sabry Fawwaz; alongside a number of public figures such as Lamis Elhadidy, Moa'taz Abdel Fattah, and Dr. Moustafa Al Feky; writer Haitham Dabbour; and businessman Mohamed Al Amin.

During the event, several stars and artists, who are close friends of Medhat El Adl, performed their own rendition of some of his new poems. Superstar actress Yousra recited the poem titled 'Faten Hamama', Safaa AlToukhy recited 'Fayrouz', while TV personality Lamis Elhadidy recited 'Olga', Sabry Fawwaz recited 'Sobhy Al Zabbal', and El Adl delivered his other poems, 'Khairy Beshara', 'Ostaz Lotfy' and 'Abla Souad'.

Poet Medhat El Adl said about his new anthology, "Shubra Masr- 36 Al Afdal St. is my address, it's where I live with my family in Shubra neighborhood, a neighborhood that incites a permanent nostalgia within me with its essence that has taken over its Egyptian residents, who come from different backgrounds, beliefs and professions, in addition to the foreigners and minorities who have lived there. And from there I expressed my feelings toward Egypt, the Egypt that I once knew, the Egypt that I miss with its well-mannered people and their warm relationships, through a collection of poems about a number of people that I grew close to in this neighborhood over the years, besides some artists whom I have met and admired. So these poems reflect a state or an idea that we miss nowadays, Shubra Masr reflects the state of harmony that existed in the good old days of Egypt; represented in Shubra neighborhood bringing together all different parts of Egypt with all its details and features."

Shubra Masr- 36 Al Afdal St. consists of thirty-two poems including poems titled 'Faten Hamama', 'Sami El Adl', 'Nemra Ala El Telephone', 'Sobhy El Zabbal', 'Abla Souad', 'Nasr Hamed Abu Zeid' and 'Andrea, Yennie and Nicolas'.

Commenting on her cooperation with poet Medhat El Adl and on publishing his anthology Shubra Masr, Dalia Ibrahim, CEO of Nahdet Misr Publishing Group, said, "Our daily life problems including stress, obstacles and obligations, take us away from seeing ourselves and observing what's around us in our homeland, where our loved ones, friends and memories are. Therefore, at Nahdet Misr, we constantly seek to offer exceptional books and literary works that enrich our lives as individuals, unlock many closed doors, and change our perspectives on life. From there came our cooperation with poet and writer Medhat El Adl, who through his anthology expresses a state of mind that we miss in our homeland and in mankind, the state of intimacy, warmth, morality and acceptance of others. With the colloquial style of his poetry, he paints pictures of Egypt's Shubra neighborhood in the sixties and seventies."

Dalia ended her speech by saying, "I'm so proud and happy with Shubra Masr- 36 Al Afdal St. and I hope it gives its readers beautiful experience, similar to those that were experienced by its writer and shaped his sophisticated views."