MAD Solutions Releases Hussein Al Imam's Zay Ood El Kabreet in Zawya Cinema

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Releasing the Official Trailer

MAD Solutions Releases Hussein Al Imam's Zay Ood El Kabreet in Zawya Cinema

MAD Solutions revealed the news on releasing Hussein Al Imam's last film and only directorial work
Zay Ood El Kabreet (Like a Matchstick) in Zawya cinema on Wednesday, the 24th of August.

At the same time, MAD Solutions, the film's distributor, released the official trailer of the film through the film's official Facebook page. The Facebook page takes the fans back to the Egyptian cinema's Golden Era and its stars including; Faten Hamama, Hend Rostom, Mahmoud El-Meliguy, Hussein Riad, Imad Hamdi ,Magda El Khatib, Farid Shawqi and Samir Sabry and other stars.

Inspired by black and white film posters of the golden era, MAD Solutions, has released three official posters for the film which feature golden stars from a number of black and white films. A few months ago, the company also has released a teaser GIF poster for the film, making it the first of its kind in Egypt and the Arab world.

Zay Ood El Kabreet is a comedic tale invented by the late filmmaker Al Imam to pay tribute to the super stars of the Egyptian cinema's Golden Era. The plot combines scenes starring 21 actors from the age of black and white films with other scenes written by and starring Al Imam. The end product leads to the rediscovery of golden age actors in a new context along with Hussein Al Imam, the film stars Sahar Ramy, Khaled Mahrous, Zakaria Amer and singer Randa El-Sobky.