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Dr. Georgette Savvides Reveals the Release of Her Autobiography 'My Journey' in May 2016

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With the Attendance of an Array of Stars and Public Figures

Dr. Georgette Savvides Reveals the Release of Her Autobiography 'My Journey' in May 2016

In collaboration with MAD Solutions, on Thursday 11th of February, Counseling and Occupational Psychologist Dr. Georgette Savvides held a dinner party announcing the release of her book
'My Journey', an autobiography on her own career path as a successful psychologist.The book is set to be released in May and its English version will be released on a later date.

The dinner was attended by a number of film stars and public figures including; stars Asser Yassin and Reem Moustafa, photographer Khaled Fadda, producers Sherif Shenawy, Mohab Beyali and Hashem Abouzeid (Leo Media Production) and the well-known singer Rula Zaki, who performed a number of her newest songs throughout the evening.

Through teaser promos, Dr. Savvides announced her Psych-cinema service, which aims at offering psychological counseling service for actors, writers, directors and filmmakers who are eager to introduce real characters through their cinematic works. The service includes collective workshops for filmmakers with specific or direct consultancy. The utmost goal behind this new service is to build the interface between film and psychology, shape the characters to meet realistic standards, support and provide the research based material for the portrayal of psychological themes in film, series and plays and train the actors into realistically mimicking characters with psychological buildup or difficulties. Star Reem Moustafa revealed that she started using this service in her role in Naseeby W Qesmtak TV series. More details are revealed on Dr. Savvides' official website.

On the decision of publishing her own autobiography Dr. Georgette Savvides says, "For years I have dreaded sharing my story with my friends and family, and this fear lived as my companion for a long time. Until one day when I started pursuing my dream...This book was written with the utmost love and appreciation for my line of work, which has offered me the tools, guidance and knowledge to share with others, when they are ready for a change in their lives for the betterment of themselves with a tighter grip on their self management and self acceptance."

According to Dr. Savvides, the book will shed light on her life journey to the world of psychotherapy since the early beginnings to her studying trips to many countries worldwide earning her Doctorate in Psychology and the establishment of the Psychealth Counseling and Training Services in Cairo in 2009. Through laughter and tears, Dr. Savvides narrates different stories about her clients without disclosing their identities.

A thriving Counseling and Occupational Psychologist, Dr. Georgette Savvides, received her professional Doctorate in Psychology from European and American universities. Being a member of several prestigious scientific associations and institutions, Dr. Savvides is set with a goal to change the way the Egyptian society perceive patients with psychological disorders, and raise awareness of mental illness and methods to deal with it. She worked as a consultant for several international companies including Vodafone, Coca Cola, L'Oreal, Henkel, Oracle and CIB.

Dr. Savvides is the Founder and Owner of Psychealth Counseling and Training Services in Cairo. She also writes for several magazines and has appeared in a number of TV programs reflecting on several mental health-related topics.