Beyond the Raging Sea, released commercially in UAE and Egypt Cinemas

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As part of its Arab World Tour

Beyond the Raging Sea, released commercially in UAE and Egypt Cinemas

Marco Orsini’s Beyond the Raging sea, kicks off its wide release in Egypt and UAE theatres as of September 30th. The commercial screening is part of the film’s Arab World Tour after the film screened in several international film festivals.

The film opens for public screening starting September 30th in UAE at The VOX Cinemas at MOE Mall, YAS Mall in the UAE, Mirdif City Center and The Galleria Al Marya Island. In Egypt at The VOX cinemas of The Cairo Mall of Egypt, Alex City Center, and City Center ALMaza in Egypt.

"After such an extensive lockdown worldwide, I am excited that VOX theatres and Mad Solutions have chosen BEYOND THE RAGING SEA to commercial release in the MENA region," stated director Marco Orsini
"Beyond the Raging Sea is a unique experience that we are happy to share with the vast majority of audience as means to raise awareness of the Refugee crises. Collaborating with VOX have made it all possible, and soon we shall be able to screen the film in the rest of the Arab Countries," explained Moshira Farouk Bahar, the Cultural and Theatrical Distribution Manager at MAD Solutions

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"Team O2s experience visually illustrates just how dangerous and unpredictable a sea journey is even when the team was fully prepared for the journey and had the necessary equipment with them. UNHCR’s TRS has partnered with IEFTA to produce testimonies from survivors who have made the journey to Europe by sea. In these testimonies, they share the difficulties experienced, the unspeakable violence and abuse both on land and at sea. So far in 2021 at least 500 persons are known to have lost their life trying to make the dangerous sea crossing along the Central Mediterranean route, compared to 150 in the same period in 2020, an increase of more than 200 per cent this is a demonstration of inaction by leaders and underscores the need to enhance search and rescue and increased provision of alternative pathways [give refugees a chance to reunify with their families or access scholarships or job opportunities] so that refugees do not resort to such dangerous journeys." Say Christa Awuor Odinga, UNHCR TRS Project Manager.

Beyond The Raging Sea follows the harrowing tale of the two Egyptian adventurers, as they take on the Talisker Atlantic Challenge, the world’s toughest row, an unsupported, perilous 3,000 nautical mile journey from the Canary Islands to Antigua.

Sponsored by DHL, and in collaboration with UNHCR and UNDP, Team O2 dedicated their row to raising awareness of the global refugee crises.

Eight days, and 500 miles into their journey across the Atlantic, Team O2 were hit by 45 knot winds and towering waves that caused their boat to capsize.
13 Hours of horror followed, before their epic rescue by a Cargo Ship.

In an ironic twist of events, Nour and Samra faced the same dangers, terrors and decisions of those they were meant to recognize and relieve. Featuring jaw-dropping, footage of a remarkable ordeal and rescue at sea, Beyond the Raging Sea is the gripping account of that experience narrated by those who lived it, capturing what they endured, felt and what it all meant. In this film, an elite adventure introduces us to extraordinary people in exceptional circumstance, navigating existential threats, grueling ordeals, while fighting for their own survival and beyond. Beyond the Raging Sea is a story that both echoes and illuminates the most pressing humanitarian crisis in the world today.

Omar Nour is an entrepreneur and retired professional triathlete. He represented Egypt on the Olympic triathlon circuit from 2010 - 2017. He is the co-founder of VENTUM - a performance bike company - and Founder & Chairman of Enduro Supply - a leading distributor of sports brands across the Middle East.

Omar Samra is an adventurer, mountaineer, entrepreneur, Motivational speaker and future astronaut. He is the first Egyptian to climb Mount Everest and the 7 Summits and ski to both the Geographic South and North Pole (The Explorer's Grand Slam).

Beyond the Raging Sea, was Written and Directed by Marco Orsini, who Produced in collaboration with DHL, IEFTA, UNHCR, and UNDP, with Executive Producers Omar Nour, Omar Samra, and RagnhildEk. The film’s original music is composed by George Acogny.

Beyond The Raging Sea had a sold-out Premiere at Egypt’s El Gouna Film Festival and was praised by all who attended its screening. It was presented as a work in progress in the Doc Corner of the Marché du Film at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. MAD Solutions will distribute Beyond The Raging Sea throughout the Arab World starting on September 30, 2021, while VIEWPARK has acquired the film for the US and rest of the world.

Marco Orsini is the founder and president of the International Emerging Talent Film Association of Monaco. He is the writer, director and producer of seven acclaimed documentaries among which is Dinner in the No Gos*
He creates and produces visual content and media campaigns for the UNHCR. Starting his career in television in the ‘90’s, Marco produced 60+ hours of primetime programming for US & South American markets before turning his talents to writing and directing. His award-winning films and scripts have been translated into French, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, Mandarin and Spanish, screened at major festivals and played on TV/VOD while earning plaudits from industry journals, including the Hollywood Reporter, The Guardian and Variety. His most recent feature documentary, Beyond the Raging Sea, a collaboration with UNDP and UNHCR, is set for Fall 2021 release. He is currently in post-production on Latin 4+, a story of Vietnam you haven’t heard before.

The International Emerging Film Talent Association (IEFTA) is a Monaco based non-governmental organization founded with the purpose of discovering and developing film talent from emerging regions, globally. We connect filmmakers to established industry professionals, engage cultural diversity and foster relationships that are; mentoring, inspiring and educational.